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Case of the Month Archive (from CFLR Monthly)

August 2017
Webb v. Webb
(CA-2, Rubin, J)
Professional Responsibility
July 2017
Howell v. Howell
(US Supreme Court, Breyer, J)
Deferred Compensation
June 2017
In re Marriage of Huntley
(CA-3, Hoch, J)
Family Residence
May 2017
Y.R. v. A.F.
(CA-2, Div 4, per Manella, J)
Child Support
April 2017
In re Marriage of Schleich
(CA-6, Grover, J)
Marital Property
March 2017
In re Marriage of McClain
(CA-4, Div 2, Miller, J)
Spousal Support
February 2017
In re Marriage of Usher
(CA-2, Div 4 Manella, J)
Child Support
January 2017
In re Marriage of Casinelli
(CA-4, Div 2, Ramirez, PJ)
Deferred Compensation
December 2016
In re Marriage of Cohen
(CA-4, Div 3, Bedsworth, J)

Child Support
November 2016

In re Marriage of Chapman
(CA-3, Robie, J)

Deferred Compensation
October 2016
Hayward v. Superior Court (Osuch)
(CA-1, Div 2, Kline, PJ)
Procedural Problems
September 2016
Anne H. v. Michael B.
(CA-1, Margulies, J)


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