DissoMaster 2016-1

 Updated 2015-2017 actual and estimated taxes.

 Added SupporTax case importing.

 Added update notification.

 Various bug fixes and enhancements.


DissoMaster 2016-1a

 Improved SupporTax case importing.


DissoMaster 2016-1b

 Fixed bug where user SS crashed DissoMaster.


DissoMaster 2016-2

 Updated 2016 and 2017 actual and estimated taxes.

 Added Tax Data tab to DissoMaster.

 Moved TANF to bottom of input screen in DissoMaster.

 Fixed Propertizer bug which did not sort by item property category type correctly.

 Fixed Propertizer bug where property category type did not display correctly on summary report.

 Various bug fixes.