DissoMaster 2017-1b

 Changed Cash Flow columns on DissoMaster report to Guideline and Proposed

 Fixed bug which caused DissoMaster to crash when closing the report tab.

 Fixed bug which caused DissoMaster to crash when editing bonuses and saving.

 Various other bug fixes and enhancements.


DissoMaster 2017-1a

 Fixed bug where reports did not refresh when report tab is open.


Executioner 2017-1a

 Fixed bug which created new payment schedules when editing existing schedules and prevented schedules from being deleted.


DissoMaster 2017-1

 Added the Income and Expenses Worksheet as well as multiple time periods for the Input Variation Report. In addition, reports now come with a Cancel option to interrupt loading.

 Added Portion subject to Net Investment Income Tax under Other taxable income>royalties, partnerships, S corporations, trusts, etc.


Propertizer 2017-1

 Now drag your item on the main Propertizer screen to renumber it.

 The Summary Report once again subtotals by category.