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$540 DissoMaster Suite
(with DissoMaster, Propertizer and Executioner)
$535 DissoMaster and Executioner Only


 The premier support calculation software in California


Since it was first crafted over 20 years ago, DissoMaster has led the way in the field of support calculation software . . . and it continues as California's preeminent support calculation program today. One reason for its ongoing success is that every time DissoMaster is upgraded, the program is rigorously tested to ensure that support calculations continue to be done easily and accurately, from the simplest case to the most complex.


DissoMaster Suite.On its own, DissoMaster is a powerful and effective tool; by combining the program with Propertizer™ and Executioner, CFLR has created a support calculation dynamo that allows family law attorneys to quickly and accurately navigate the tricky waters of child and spousal support, division of assets and debts, and arrearages -- all for little more than the cost of DissoMaster alone.


Help Resources.To assist you in getting the most from the program, DissoMaster includes a robust online help tool, and the Dynamic Help feature is loaded with usage tips and commentary that is cross-referenced to a number of highly regarded analytical publications. In addition, free content support and training is available from West and the West Reference Attorneys.


DissoMaster Update Service/Web Downloads.DissoMaster subscribers receive a CD-ROM update every time there is a change that affects support calculations or the Legislature adds or amends statutes that impact guideline support. For even faster updates, subscribers can download the latest version from the CFLR Web site (and still receive the CD). Check out the download site to see the latest updates and documentation for the CFLR products.

Tell us what you need! We are always looking for ways to improve our products, and we welcome your feedback. If you have suggestions or comments, please write to us at west.cflr@thomson.com.



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Dynamic Help




DissoMaster System Requirements

Operating System (MS Windows):
  • Minimum: Windows 2000, Service Pack 4
  • Recommended: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher (including Vista)
  • Pentium-class or higher
RAM (Memory):
  • Minimum: 1 GB 
  • Recommended:  2 GB or or higher
* These components are installed during a standard installation of Windows; if your system does not have these components, they can be dowloaded or upgraded without cost by following the links above.



Current Version of Dissomaster:



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