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Case of the Month Archive (from CFLR Monthly)

August 2020

In re Marriage of Mullonkal and Kodiyamplakkil
(CA-3, per Murray, J)

Marital Property
July 2020

In re Marriage of Gutierrez
(CA-2, Div 8, per Wiley, J)

June 2020

In re Marriage of Mohler
(CA-4, Div 2, per Raphael, J)

Marital Property
May 2020

In re Marriage of Everard
(CA-4, Div 1, per Benke, Acting PJ)

Domestic Violence
April 2020

In re Marriage of Brewster and Clevenger
(CA-6, per Greenwood, PJ)

Spousal Support
March 2020

Menezes v. McDaniel
(CA-4, Div 1, per Huffman, Acting PJ)

Marital Property
February 2020

County of Los Angeles Child Support Services v. Watson
(CA-2, Div 7, per Segal, PJ )

Child Support
January 2020

In re Marriage of McKean
(CA-4, Div 3, per O'Leary, PJ )

December 2019

In re Marriage of Bittenson
(CA-2, Div 6, per Yegan, Acting PJ)

Marital Property
November 2019

In re Marriage of Goodwin-Mitchell and Mitchell
(CA-1, Div 3, Per Siggins, P.J.)

October 2019

In re Marriage of Sahafzadeh-Taeb and Taeb
(CA-1, Div 1, per Banke, J)

Professional Responsibility
September 2019

In re E.W.
(CA-2, Div 8, per Grimes, J)



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