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Family Law Experts Series:
Understanding and Perfecting Marital Agreements

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This three-hour program focuses on the agreements parties make when they are about to be married, when they alter their rights during marriage, and when they end their marriage. There are special rules for each type of agreement that family law practitioners must be familiar with when drafting, enforcing, attacking, or defending the agreement. Judge Thomas Trent Lewis and attorneys Anne C. Kiley and Christopher C. Melcher are leading authorities in this area; they will provide in-depth analyses of the latest issues regarding premarital, marital and marital settlement agreements, including essential terms, pitfalls and hot tips. Whether you draft or litigate these agreements, you will not want to miss this program!



Judge Thomas Trent Lewis
Anne C. Kiley
Christopher C. Melcher


Course Highlights



• Societal Views
• Transaction vs. Litigation Practice
• UPAA Requirements
• Drafting Tips
• Opting-Out of Community Property
• Waiving/Limiting Spousal Support
• Disinheritance
• Defenses
• Litigation Tactics




• Comparison to Martial Settlement Agreements
• Fiduciary Duty Issues
• Presumption of Undue Influence
• Making a Valid Agreement
• Scope of Agreement
• Use of Mediation
• Risk Management
• Enforceability




• Importance of Disclosures
• Anticipating a Set-Aside Request
• Key Recitals
• Required Terms
• Tax Issues
• Dealing with an Unrepresented Party
• Reservation of Jurisdiction
• Omitted Property
• General Releases



Course Materials
Enrollees will receive a complete version of all slides used by the presenters, plus other supplemental materials. You have the option of receiving either printed course materials OR course materials on a USB drive, which allows you to save them to your hard drive and take notes directly next to the material covered. See order form to make your selection.


Enrollees may also purchase at special prices TRG’s three-volume California Practice Guide: Family Law, written by Judge William P. Hogoboom (Ret.) and Justice Donald B. King (Ret.), and the two-volume California Practice Guide: Family Law FORMS.


3 HOURS MCLE/Specialization Credit: Approval of specialization credit in Family Law has been granted by the California Board of Legal Specialization, and approval of MCLE credit for this activity has been granted by the State Bar of California in the amount of 3 hours.





Dates and Locations
Course Logistics


Registration: 8:00 AM
Program: 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM




Costa Mesa
September 10, 2016 (Sat.)
Westin South Coast Plaza
686 Anton Boulevard
(714) 540-2500


September 17, 2016 (Sat.)
San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront
1800 Old Bayshore Highway
(650) 692-9100




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Advanced Tuition ........ $175
"At Door" Tuition ......... $325



Tuition Deadlines


Enrollees are entitled to early enrollment discounts. Your registration(s) will be considered “At Door” unless received in our office by the deadline dates listed below (NO EXCEPTIONS):



Advanced tuition deadlines:
Costa Mesa: 9-2-2016
Burlingame: 9-9-2016




Special Offers For Enrollees


California Practice Guide: Family Law
$301.50 + sales tax
(regularly $603)


California Practice Guide: Family Law FORMS
$141 + sales tax
(regularly $282) 


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